Coaching and Mentoring

Vicky Coates – Personal Leadership Coach

I am committed to embracing the work of leadership and transformative practice in my personal, community and work life. My passion is to inspire and invite that in others by reflecting back to them their unique gift of leadership, significance and creative possibility in all areas of their lives. I am dedicated to creating the climate for authentic transformation and the development of effective change catalysts in both business and community contexts.

Work experience highlights:

  • 18 years offering corporate training in leadership, personal transformation and customer service.
  • Currently running my own consulting company,
  • Public speaker and seminar presenter under the auspices of The Whole Health Institute.
  • Partner, Renaissance Business Associates, a training consultancy.
  • Trainer for the RALI organisation, a multi-cultural youth development programme.
  • I have worked in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, England and the USA.

Coaching and mentoring:

  • Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching (The Ontological Coaching Institute).
  • 35 years of living and working in intentional community contexts providing leadership, mentoring and stewardship.


  • Mentoring and coaching: to individuals, small groups, teams and communities, face-to-face or online. Possibilities range from one-off spontaneous coaching sessions to establishing a more formal mentoring or coaching relationship.

Key areas of interest:

  • Leadership work:  These sessions are for anyone interested and committed to their personal leadership journey of learning and self development. Together we explore and experiment with a powerful set of distinctions that will result in seeing with fresh eyes. The key focus is leading self and building personal capacity, managing moods and emotions, developing mastery in conversations, cultivating social fabric and trust.
  • Relationship work: An interview session establishes what individuals, partners or team members are seeking to explore. I offer either one-on-one personal mentoring or coaching sessions and, if necessary, create a tailor-made process to illuminate some of the less visible aspects at play, offering suggestions on how to integrate, transform and overcome them.
  • Community work: There are many types of purposeful communities and global networks; from business, religious and spiritual communities, family and friends to work-related and social communities. I can assist communities to explore productive ways of working and being together. These include emotional management, working with significant choice points, and conversational frameworks that assist in the building of relationship and trust. These will help members to navigate and transform non-productive community dynamics and conflict in order to restore balance and perspective.
  • Choices, purpose and transitions: These sessions are designed to assist people to embrace transition, the artistry of making informed choices and to discover their ‘right life’ and the work they are meant to be doing. I can help them navigate this path by posing a series of thought-provoking coaching and journal questions that help to break through the stuck places, while providing perspectives, tools and processes to help clarify the emerging journey.


All coaching conversations and group or team conversations are tailored to the coachee or client’s needs. I draw from a number of modalities; from practical spirit-centred perspectives and leadership philosophy to ontology and core corporate frameworks. I look to discover what the situation requires as opposed to using a set methodology or formulaic approach. I use a diverse range of facilitative and coaching modalities, silence, journal work, thinking partnerships, conversation and short presentations.

Contact: Vicky Coates on 082 4136132 or 021 6715001 or email: