By Gary Gillespie

Some would say we have fallen from grace, lost our connection with the sacred. Others would say we are progressing out of the primordial slime and moving towards a consciousness that would provide true stewardship of our planet.

Either way, we haven’t reached or returned to the optimum place where we can and must provide the leadership to maintain our home on earth.

When one looks around, what we see is the disparity between the rich and the poverty stricken, the powerful and the dispossessed, the educated and the ignorant. And all the levels in between.

Our rightful place has been abandoned. Our position in the scheme of things has been betrayed. We have lost sight of life’s rules and nature’s requirements for survival. We are in an unsustainable situation and the need for true vision has never been more necessary.

What can be done and who will do it? Our current political spirit has shown a longing by people around the world for some moral and enlightened guidance as to where we are going and how we will get there. The actions and vagaries of government have all but fallen into disarray and gridlock. To expect any change to come from the very thing that got us into this pickle is a naïve and fruitless expectation.

But the longing still remains. This gives evidence that humans have a sensing that something is amiss and that the heart is actually capable of perceiving how to remedy our present condition. There might not be a full understanding of the procedure, but there is a glimmer of hope that we have in us the ability to turn things around.

There is a need for a collection of forces to provide the tipping point where true stewardship can become a meaningful and essential vehicle of change, something that will take us up to a place where verbiage becomes action and that action is appropriate to our needs and survival.

Nothing defeats this more than ignorance in action.

Yet it is not a matter of defeating or overpowering that which is now in control. It is not a matter of warring or politicking. What stewardship is, is a matter of awareness…becoming aware of how we as a collective are going to function and prosper, not in the corporate sense but in the human sense.

Mankind’s rightful place is at the apex of our secular world and at the crossover point of that which is indefinable. Whatever one would wish to call a greater intelligence, stewardship starts with the recognition that there is a greater design to things than mankind is currently experiencing. Our responsibility to our fellow human beings and to life itself is to become aware of what our purpose is and to fully express that into our lives.

When we attune ourselves to how things really work, how they are designed to work, then we can provide true leadership for our world.

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