Coaching Questions

The questions in this section are drawn from many different sources and varying schools of thought. You may enjoy drawing on them to help you in facilitative and mentoring contexts, or in one-on-one or team coaching situations. You might also find them useful as a tool for self reflection. The questions will be archived for later reference and regularly updated, so check every once and a while for latest postings.

  • Strategic Questioning Manual – Fran Peavey

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION: STRATEGIC QUESTIONS ARE TOOLS OF REBELLION In these days of constant change, and the need for even more change if we are to live peacefully in a healthy environment, ...

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  • Coaching Questions

    (Taken from The Coaching Manual – Julia Starr) State the goal in positive terms The goal must be stated in terms of what the person wants rather than what they don’t want. What ...

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