Full Leadership Programme

Focus and process: Leadership development and building capacity.

The Leadership Programme is a series of modules specifically linked and designed to build on each other in a thought-provoking and powerful way. These sessions can be offered either as a public programme or within organisations.

The client and facilitator agree on a time frame for the various modules, which generally run over a period of a few months and which have the potential for add-on, tailor-made modules that help to create a context for ongoing learning, leadership practice, mentoring and coaching.

A key component is the establishment of a culture designed to explore leading self, managing commitments, building relationships, trust and communicative competence. This includes emotional management and the effective coordination of working together.

The individual sessions promote deep insight into the various dimensions of what it means to be a human being and what is possible in working with others. Delegates explore the art of leadership and transformation in a personal, team and organisational context and experiment with powerful perspectives and a host of top-drawer tools and processes to make their lives and jobs easier.

The material content is selected from a diverse range of well-researched leading edge disciplines and approaches, from practical, spirit-centred perspectives, philosophy and ontology to core corporate frameworks and methodologies. The programme provides the language and context for best practice and what it takes to transform oneself and be a catalyst for change in society today.

The methodology involved is interactive presentations and group conversation, focused partner and team work, experiential exercises, inspiring DVD material and the potential to be part of a community of practice. It includes facilitated team processes, mentoring and coaching.

Who should attend?

  • The Leadership Programme is intended for individuals who are interested in personal development and in assisting others on their leadership journey.
  • Leaders, managers or supervisors who are keen to master and refine the art of being a change agent or role model, and their skill in working with others.
  • Professional staff members who require exposure to stunning leadership material to ensure a high level of enthusiasm for their work and who wish to acquire the necessary skill set for this transformation.
  • Facilitators or coaches who are interested in being exposed to a variety of perspectives, modules and frameworks that will enhance and create exceptional opportunities in their work.
  • Young entrepreneurs who are needing a place to ‘plug in’ in order to make the changes that they desire in their lives and to make a difference in their communities and businesses.
  • Anyone who is ready to own their gift of significance in the world and who needs a profound, well integrated and practical tool kit to get them started on their way.

Course content includes:



Leading self, identity and orientation:

The historical context in which we find ourselves – leading self, building character and capacity – leader as learner – different modes of learning – enemies of learning – an exploration of our way of being – using distinctions for observing in new ways – the inner place from which we operate – levels of mastery.



Managing promises and commitments:

Promise management and the potential for profound change – an exploration of the essence of organisational activity – the co-ordination and mis-coordination of action – shifting practices and adding new practices to add value for stakeholders – amplifying the capacity in yourself and people to create leverage and change.




Communication and working with others:

A closer look at the technology of language and linguistic actions – taking responsibility for our interpretations and perceptions – creating structured conversational contexts – types of conversations – keys to mastering conversations – creating the right environment for safe conversations – managing our listening – coaching and facilitative skills, tools and processes for handling difficult conversations.




Building relationships and trust:

Exploring the key components that build trust and relationship – igniting a sense of ownership and citizenship within a community context – transforming isolation into connectedness – caring for the whole and building social fabric – how to shift the focus from fear, fault finding and self interest to focusing on possibility, service and gifts.




Mood and emotional management:

Breakdowns and breakthroughs – distinguishing between moods and emotions – working with mood manoeuvres and transforming emotions – working with acceptance, possibility and uncertainty – an in-depth look at emotional learning, responsibility and leadership – the intertwined nature of language and emotions – neuroscience, embodied emotions and shifting habits.




Leader as mentor and coach:

An exploration of the human domain of concerns – self coaching – an outline of a simple coaching model to experiment with when working with others – powerful coaching questions – some possibilities to work creatively with people – team coaching – the value of different types of contracting –  the role of intuition in coaching – exploring possibilities for the future – how to stay engaged and next steps.

Facilitator:  Cape Town based Vicky Coates  has developed and presented several programmes and modules on leadership, emotional management, customer service, team dynamics and change and currently runs her own consultancy,

She custom designs courses and processes to suit individual or group needs and also offers the Leadership Programme in collaboration with colleagues. This includes add-on modules and coaching conversations.

She has worked in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA and England.

Contact: Vicky Coates on 082 4136132 or 021 6715001 or email: