Choice Points and Transitions

Focus: A one day workshop to help you create new maps to navigate complex times

In our global environment of upheaval and rapid change, how do we make empowered choices?
You may be asking important questions: Am I doing the right thing in my personal and business life? What really matters to me? How can I contribute to a sustainable world?

The force of creation is inherent in every choice, setting cycles in motion and their consequences. A pivotal decision can have a profound impact, enriching our life and the planet, or it can take us into further chaos and complexity. To make wise choices, embrace possibility and create exciting results, we need to shift our thinking away from old models that are losing their relevance, and learn to ‘lead from the future.’

This one-day workshop explores our current circumstances and offers a set of distinctions to help us to see with fresh eyes. Using a distillation of the latest work of leading change management theorists, futurists and spiritual teachers, we discuss how to align our sense of purpose with larger governing patterns and expand our awareness in order to make more informed choices.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it, boldness has genius, power and magic in it” Goethe

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to function more effectively in a dynamically evolving world – entrepreneurs, business leaders, students and the broader public.

Learning approach:

We will use a variety of experiential methods, including interactive presentation, conversation and audio-visual clips. Participants will have the opportunity to work alone, in pairs and in small groups.


  • An overview of world trends and their impact on our well-being
  • Working with cycles, unfolding process and the stages of change
  • Choice points, purpose and transitions – leading from the future
  • The role of intuition and developing our instinctual nature
  • Check points for staying on track
  • Creating new maps to navigate complex times
  • Effective tips for creatively managing change
  • The interior place that governs our choices
  • Core competencies for living into the 21st Century

Tapping into nature’s intelligence – a blueprint for a new world

Facilitator: Vicky Coates runs her own consultancy, Transformer Leadership. She is committed to the work of personal leadership development and capacity building, which she has offered as a facilitator, coach and mentor. She has worked extensively with individuals, groups and corporates in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA and England.