Community, Relationship and Trust


A one day workshop to explore how to change the existing context of community from one of deficiencies, self interest and entitlement to one of possibility, generosity and gifts.

How do we create and build relationship, community and trust? One of our human concerns is to feel a sense of belonging and to be a part of something. Membership is the experience of being at home in the broadest sense.

In our world there is an increasing sense of isolation. During our time together we will examine how to create ways for people to experience friendship, hospitality and a sense of belonging.

“Social fabric is created one room at a time. It is formed from small steps that ask, ‘who do we want in this room?’ and what is the new conversation that we want to occur?” Peter Block

This workshop will focus on the steps that create trust and build relationship so that innovation and possibility can be unleashed within organisational contexts. We will draw from well researched leading edge disciplines and approaches. These include philosophy, ontology and psychology to core corporate methodologies. The programme provides the language and context for best practice and what it takes to transform oneself and be a catalyst for change in society today. 

Who should attend?

Anyone committed to the work of personal change and transformation: managers, leaders, staff, parents, family members, teachers, facilitators, coaches, mentors and friends.

Learning approach

We will use a variety of experiential methods, including interactive presentation, conversation and audio-visual clips. Participants will have the opportunity to work alone, in pairs and in small groups.


  • Exploring the key components that build trust and relationship
  • Igniting a sense of ownership and citizenship within a community context
  • Transforming isolation into connectedness
  • Caring for the whole and building social fabric
  • How to shift the focus from fear, fault finding and self interest to focusing on possibility, service and gifts.


Vicky Coates runs her own consultancy, Transformer Leadership. She is committed to the work of personal leadership development and capacity building, which she has offered as a facilitator, coach and mentor. She has worked extensively with individuals, groups and corporates in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA and England.