Mood and Emotional Management


In this one day workshop we explore effective ways to manage and transform our emotions.

Understanding the role of emotions is crucial for healthy relationships and the delivery of quality leadership. Emotions can either trigger a reaction and take us painfully off track, or they can inspire creative action and openness to possibility.  In an increasingly fast-paced and chaotic world, emotional management and responsibility are high on the agenda.

Consider these important questions: Do you want to be more successful in community and work contexts? Would you like to get on better with your partner or children? Are you interested in developing mastery in order to handle complex team situations?

Emotions play a vital role in the quality of our conversations and relationships, in our decision making and how we co-ordinate action together.

“Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way, this is not easy.” – Aristotle

This workshop explores the choice points available to us between the stimulus of the situations we find ourselves in and our response to them. We will work with a powerful set of well-researched, leading edge tools drawn from disciplines and approaches that include philosophy, ontology, psychology and core corporate methodologies. The programme provides the language and context for embodied practice and what it takes to transform oneself and be a catalyst for change in society today. 

Who should attend?

Leaders, managers, staff, parents, teachers, facilitators, coaches and mentors – anyone committed to the work of personal change and transformation.

Learning approach

We will use a variety of experiential methods, including interactive presentation, conversation and audio-visual clips. Participants will have the opportunity to work alone, in pairs and in small groups.


  • Breakdowns and breakthroughs
  • Distinguishing between moods and emotions
  • Working with mood shifts and transforming emotions
  • Working with acceptance, possibility and uncertainty
  • An in-depth look at emotional learning, responsibility and leadership
  • The intertwined nature of language and emotions
  • Neuroscience, embodied emotions and the art of shifting habits


Vicky Coates runs her own consultancy, Transformer Leadership. She is committed to the work of personal leadership development and capacity building, which she has offered as a facilitator, coach and mentor. She has worked extensively with individuals, groups and corporates in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA and England.