Managing Promises and Commitments


A one day workshop to explore the essence of organisational activity and how we cultivate accountability.

The universal action of promising is a fundamental and indispensable means by which we communicate with each other and effectively co-ordinate action. Becoming an astute observer of how promising impacts on action is vital for improving organisational communication and consequently, productivity and performance.

“Through coordinating action we integrate into a single process various competencies that it would be hard to find in an individual and thereby succeed in getting several people to work together in the pursuit of a common objective.” – Rafael Echeveria

Developing skill in the making and managing of promises will enhance specialists’ ability to take care of organisational, customer and shareholder concerns, as well as facilitating the building of high performance teams.

This workshop will expand awareness and offer tools that have the greatest potential for radical change. We will draw from well-researched, leading edge disciplines and approaches that include philosophy, ontology, psychology and core corporate methodologies. The programme provides the language and context for embodied practice and what it takes to transform oneself and be a catalyst for change in society today. 

Who should attend?

Anyone committed to the work of personal change and transformation: managers, leaders, staff, parents, family members, teachers, facilitators, coaches, mentors and friends.

Learning approach

We will use a variety of experiential methods, including interactive presentation, conversation and audio-visual clips. Participants will have the opportunity to work alone, in pairs and in small groups.


  • Promise management and the potential for profound change
  • An exploration of the essence of organisational activity
  • The co-ordination and mis-coordination of action
  • Shifting practices and adding new practices to add value for stakeholders
  • Amplifying personal and others’ capacity to create leverage and change


Vicky Coates runs her own consultancy, Transformer Leadership. She is committed to the work of personal leadership development and capacity building, which she has offered as a facilitator, coach and mentor. She has worked extensively with individuals, groups and corporates in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA and England.